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About ROWSi

ROWSi Company Limited is a private company, founded in Tanzania in the year 2017. ROWSi Company Limited objectives is to provide branded products and technical services for Laboratories and Hospitals in Tanzania. Also to bring to the scientific world quality products and efficient services, designed to meet the needs of modern day scientific research and Industrial productivity.

ROWSi Company Limited has a team of dynamic experienced professionals within the scientific research, business management, healthcare, and biomedical engineering with which you can partner to deliver high quality value and on time to enable you effectively & efficiently on service delivery to your clients.

Our Customers

Support Service to Customers

Customer care service 100%
Service, maintenance and repairing 100%
After sales service 100%
Service contracts 100%
Calibrations 100%
The mission of ROWSi Company Limited is to pursue excellence in quality product supply and support services. We strive to provide our customers with high quality products at a fair price, while satisfying our shareholders and the communities in which we transact our business.
ROWSi Company Limited vision is to be a recognized market leader in supply of affordable & quality (Research, teaching, scientific, healthcare medical, Laboratory) equipment, reagents, consumables, installation, repair, service maintenance, calibration, evaluation, validation and training center on application of related products. Also enhancing modernization by embracing quality standards and latest technology within the research, industry, scientific and healthcare.
ROWSi Company Limited has vast experience of giving the best services. As from Mother Company ROWSi Company Limited partners with public and private institution. These are

1. Nelson Mandela African Institution of Sciences and Technology

2. Lake Victoria Zone Fish Quality Control and Standards ( Nyegezi Fisheries)

3. NSK Hospital

4. Mikocheni Agriculture Research Institute ( MARI)

5. International Institute of Tropical Agriculture ( IITA)

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